It is a project developed in a 3-days artistic residence within the Close Up Festival, in which the musician and composer Ljuba de Angelis and I worked on a specific creation for the place, using instant composition, taking inspiration by the place, living in it and merging with it. The place, the Museo Civico Sant’Agostino in the Crema city, has a century-old history (almost 600 years). It was convent, then hospital, accommodation for soldiers, accommodation for needy families, it still resonate with all life, presences, stories, which over the years have succeeded and accumulated in many layers, of time and space. The time of memory. With dance and music you can travel and cross these layers, playing with architecture, conceiving the choreography in a poetic relationship with the space, dancing the process that generated the place as it is now. The museum also has the peculiarity of collecting stories, millenary objects full of ancient memories. But the museum also welcomes visitors and visitors who become part of a geography of the place, a choreography of multiple voices, a multitude of these animate and inanimate presences that coexist. These invisible stories, which constitute nature, of which we are part, invite us to poetically rethink the space and the way in which we live in the world and re-evaluate our way of being human. Within these spaces that remain hidden, almost invisible, that unite these worlds, we let dance and music be born. These fragile, ephemeral and subtle spaces are found in the interstices. They are signs. Discovering these signs, these presences, these silent voices, which connect with them, weave a network of relationships that cannot be described but that can be heard, performing these hidden scores with the body. Through music and dance become a channel of ancestral memories.

Dance & Music performance Artists in residency “CloseUp Festival”, Civic Museum of Crema, Italy 20-22 September 2019

Maruska Ronchi – choreography, butoh dance,  performance Ljuba de Angelis – composition, electroacoustic music, performance

Camera: Mauro Val

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