Maruska Ronchi is an Italian dancer, choreographer and performer. Her main languages are butoh and contemporary dance.

Graduated in Contemporary Dance at CIMD (International Center of Movement and Dance) in Milan directed byFranca Ferrari. She met butoh dance with Atsushi Takenouchi in 2009. Then she continue deepening into Butoh throught the meeting with many butoh dancers, master and choreographer as Yoshito Ohno,Yumiko Yoshioka, Carlotta Ikeda, Natsu Nakajima, Ima Tenko, Imre Thormann, Masaki Iwana, Minako Seki,  Sankai Yuku, Yukio Mikami (Torifune Butoh Sha), Yuri Nagaoka & Seisaku, and others.

For many years she worked with Italian and French theatre companies, and contemporary dance companies and different choreographers (Tino Sehgal, Benoit Lahambre), turning around Europe, Russia, Canada and Japan. In the mainwhile she create her own choreographic works in collaboration with other artists, dancers, and musicians. Always researching new way to developpe the creative process. She had many different experience of dance, somatic practice, mixing art with video, music, street performances, collaborating with many artist.

Lastly she devote hereself deeply to butoh dance, a Japanese avant-gard contemporary dance, finding in this artistic practice a new inspiration and new way to understand dance process. She uses oneiric language, images from the unconscious, to create her dance. She likes to conceive her dance and creative process as an alchemical one of dissolution and concrection, using reiteration of this work on the body, to achieve a transmutation of matter, where body and mind become one. Her dances further explore these processes, seeking a conjunction of opposites: Sulfur and Mercury, Sun and Moon, Apollo and Dionisus, order and chaos, active and passive, light and shadow, life and death.
She explore how the movement creates the images and how images create movement, in a double
and mutual interconnection. Through Butoh she discovered a new approach to dance, bringing her closer to ancient ritual and spiritual world, and find the unique beauty in each individual, each manifestation of nature.
She is now combining her Contemporary Dance, Theatre and Somatic Practices background,
with Butoh, to find different entrances into a “dance state”, revealing the bonds between the
visible and invisible world.
She is also collaborating with other artists to make and develop original ways for new creations.
She is one of the founder of two international groups, HAIKUMU project and Cie de ta Soeur.
She worked and collaborate with Joan Laage (U.S.A.), Seisaku (Japan), Rianto (Indonesia),
UnlockDancingPlaza dance company (Hong Kong), Benoit Lachambre (Canada). 

She has been invited like artist, dancing in many different places and festivals in different countries in Europe, Canada and Japan.