Against the sky
to see the abyss
I walk now
toward the light

Butoh performance with live and recorded music, comes from a need, a desire to follow the trail of the myth of Chang’e the Chinese moon goddess. So many are the stories about it, and as always when you approach the mystery, when you approach the myth and it seems you can grab it, it turns around and disappear, “it slips into the invisible” and then you just have to dance it

At first created for the collective exhibition Làtèr-Laterra curated by Francesca Baldrighi at the Archaeological Museum of Cremona, with the attempt to investigate the dark side, celebrating the autumn equinox, the end of summer, the last harvest, the entering in the darkest part of the year, in time for pause, contemplation, withdrawal, silence, and presented with the collaboration of Nadia Bombelli on vocals, it is later reworked, deepened and expanded with the collaboration of two other musicians, Giordano on guitar and Mattia Manzoni.

Telling the myth with the cathartic power of the dance, music, live performance, a casket that holds connections with the invisible.

The instant composition of the dance it merge and dialogue with live music.

The thread is the blue, the color of great depth, the color of immortality. Immortal is Lilith the first woman (with blu skin), immortal is Chang’e the moon goddess, cyclic goddess of tides, secret wisdom and subtle influences.

The four artist collaborate for the realization of a live streaming performance of the World Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, celebrating beauty, the flight, the dream, as possibility to imagining different possibilities, as a way out.

This project support a local association that helps women and men that have suffered or experienced violence Associazione Donne Contro la Violenza based in Crema (Italy).

Maruska Ronchi concept, choreography, dance

Nadia Bombelli voice

Giordano Costi guitar

Mattia Manzoni keyboards

Video by Stefano Erinaldi

Photo by Nicola Bianchessi

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