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A world besides the world. A silent world, which germinates and sediments, eternally mute. It remains still behind the flow of phenomena, lives and dies without tumult, on tiptoe, without noise. In the abyssal plains or among the eternal snows, it participates to the joyous banquet of the earth as a grateful commensal, without causing disturbe, draws nourishment, returning the favor. An uninvisible world that only many enlargements can discover. Or the sensitive eye of the artist, who seeks the substance of things, and veiling, reveals. And it reveals the attitude to life, its harmonious flourishing, slow, inexorable, like a hinted dance capable of producing endless iridescences, with its slight resonance, from its firm roots, silicon foundations.

The Symbióō project is born from the collaboration of four artists, Giorgia Moretti, Mattia Manzoni, Maruska Ronchi, Elisa Tagliati and the idea is to combine different artistic languages ​​within a single show or exhibition environment. Giorgia Moretti, creator of the project, deals with painting, sculpture, installation, drawing for animation; Mattia Manzoni with musical composition and audio / light fittings; Maruska Ronchi, dance and choreography; Elisa Tagliati with video-art and animation.

Symbióō, from the Greek “living together” is the theme of the artistic research: the symbiosis of animal and vegetable worlds, the metamorphosis, the contrast between different worlds and its mutual exchange. The installation represents a large tree made of light, suspended and floating sheets. A project played on transparency through blurs, light lines, impalpable fabrics. The result is a changeable organism, built to dialogue with space and be crossed, explored through senses. Female figures, plants and marine organisms meet and merge, becoming mysterious, composite creatures, animated by the same breath.

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