“Strata” layers the attributes of Chinese zodiac signs with ancient mythological figures. Drawing on imagery and structures from “Borderlines,” her earlier work inspired by Polish avant-garde director Tadeusz Kantor’s famous production “Dead Class”, Joan created this new piece with the creative input from the performers.

Directed by Joan Laage (Kogut Butoh)

Live music by Tivitavi

Costumes designed by Joan Laage & cast

Costumes construction by Joan Laage, Veronica Vetrila & Marco Casiraghi

Performed by Kea Tonetti, Maruska Ronchi, Elisa Tagliati, Gauri Silvia Fontana, Giulia Leuzzi, Marco Casiraghi, Veronica Vetrila, Ricardo Sarmiento Muñoz, Aeryn Rock


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