(Golden Wound) is a hymn to life, in all its forms and with all its difficulties and imperfections.

A celebration of the vital force that exists in each one of us, and in every living being. This force pushes us to overcome difficulties, to find solutions and new ways, to travel and shape our lives by transforming the adversity in resources, in turning points. The force that allows us to die and be reborn so many times in one life.

This performance draws on the symbolism linked to the mistletoe plant, and to kintsugi, the Japanese technique of repairing ceramics with gold.

In the Celtic tradition, the mistletoe is considered, together with the oak, a sacred plant. The peculiarity of the mistletoe is that of often being born from a wound of the oak, and of never touching the land, and due to this aerial nature it has been considered as a gift from the gods. For druids culture, it is also a symbol of resurrection, of survival to death.

Kintsugi (literally gold for “kin” and repairing, reuniting, rejoining for “tsugi”) is a technique that, when a bowl shatters into a thousand pieces, it aims to highlight these fractures embellishing them with gold. Creating again a new object that, in this way, becomes more precious.

The art of embracing the damage, the wound, and turning it into a resource that shines even brighter. The idea is that an even more precious form can emerge from imperfection, from a wound, with greater aesthetics and inner perfection.

In this sense, the performance belongs to this sphere of symbolic meaning of the wound and the overcoming of difficulties. The wound as a resource from which something even stronger and even more precious can be born,. The powerful force of life that goes beyond difficulties.
A flower that opens despite everything.

Butoh performance Duration: 25min

Music: Gorecki – Symphony n.3 ‘of sorrowful song’ (Royal Philarmonic Orchestra – dir. Yuri Simonov – soprano Susan Gritton); sounds mixed by Maru & Giordy


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