16-18 October DANCE OF BEING Butoh Workshop in Gent (Belgium)


At Planeet Mars   Land van Waaslaan 78, 9040 Gent, Belgium

Friday: 19-22h (Moon space)
Saturday: 14-18h (Moon Space)
Sunday: 14-18h (Sun Space)

Registration by email: beatrijsz@yahoo.com   (organizer Beatrijz Denekere)
We can organize a few sleeping places for people coming from abroad.


ph. Esteban Puzzuoli


Butoh is a dance of transformation. It is a profound work on personal identity to find your own deep, authentic and original being, until it is dissolved and we become a flow of energy, a substance in movement that is constantly being transformed.
Life is this continuous flow of energy of which we are a part. Everything is movement, everything is constantly changing. And we are part of this. If we recognize it, feel it, and dance it, we will be amazed and surprised by that. Dance is the magic of life. Dance is our means to celebrate life in all its aspects and in all its forms, a means to transform our emotions, to understand and accept them, to understand and accept what happens to us and around us, a form of appreciation and gratitude.

We will research the original part of the dance. In ancient times dance was a prayer, a ritual of devotion to nature, a celebration of life. Dance as an expression of the universe, where the fusion of body and spirit takes place. Dance as a magical ritual that allows us to get in touch with the “subtle worlds”. Dance as metamorphosis.
This workshop offers a space to research in movement, in physical and emotional level, a space to research and develop our own butoh dance.

The work will start with a body training intended to release extra tensions in our body and allow the energy to circulate inside the body, in order to find more fluid and organic movement, without useless effort. This will then help us to activate the energy and power that we can put in our dance.
We will focus on breathing work, movement connected to the breathing, and how to move the energy inside the body and around it. Connecting inside with outside. Working on the state of presence. Practicing dance improvisation with imagery guidance, continuously researching new possibilities of expression, breaking old patterns and finding new surprising ways to move.

It’s open to all people with different kind of artistic and life experience.

Maruska Ronchi is an Italian dancer, choreographer and performer. Her main languages are butoh and contemporary dance. For many years she worked with Italian and French theater companies,
and contemporary dance companies and different choreographers (Tino Sehgal, Benoit Lahambre), touring around Europe, Russia, Canada and Japan. In the meanwhile she created her own
choreographic works in collaboration with other artists, dancers, and musicians. Always researching new ways to develop the creative process. She had many different experience of dance, somatic
practice, mixing art with video, music, street performances, collaborating with many artists. Lastly she devoted herself deeply to butoh dance, a Japanese avant-garde contemporary dance, finding in this artistic practice a new inspiration and new way to understand dance process, like an alchemical process, creating her own butoh performances, in solo and in collaboration with other artists. She has been invited like artist, dancing in many different places and festivals in different countries in Europe, Canada and Japan.
Graduated in Contemporary Dance at CIMD (International Center of Movement and Dance) in Milan directed byFranca Ferrari. She met butoh dance with Atsushi Takenouchi in 2009. Since then she
continued following him until today. She is now his assistant in Butoh school and Summer school in Italy, since 7 years.
She continued deepening into Butoh through the meeting with many butoh dancers, masters and choreographers as Yoshito Ohno, Yumiko Yoshioka, Carlotta Ikeda, Natsu Nakajima, Ima Tenko, Imre
Thormann, Masaki Iwana, Minako Seki, Sankai Yuku, Yukio Mikami (Torifune Butoh Sha), Yuri Nagaoka & Seisaku, Sayoko Onishi, Kumotaro, and others.
She is now touring in Europe, South America and Japan happily sharing her own dance and workshops.