HaikuMu is a contemporary artistic collective. Three Butoh dancers/performers from three countries started to create site specific performances. ritual dances. group choreographies and group improvisations. Haikumu:  Willian Lopes, Ursula Pehlke, Maruska Ronchi They start collaborate on 2017, then on 2018 they organize the Transmutation Festival in Italy during wich they collaborate with 5 musicians, and they performed for 3 days creating different site specific performances with live music.

Musician who collaborate: Stefano Carniti, Giordano Costi, Miguel Angel Frausto, Filippo Guerini, Mauro Pamiro.
In 2019 they participate at Kulturelle Landpartie, a big festival in Germany. They invite to collaborate the musician Johannes Ammonl.

Photo: Andrea Peria


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