This performance is inspired by a period in my life in with I traveled and meditated a lot about concept of “home”, always looking for a place to feel good. And it was also created at the end of a period during which I worked in a foreign children shelter community. Perhaps in spite of themselves but also luckly for them, they  found a home in this sturcture. They probably escaped from the war, or difficult situation in their home country, looking for a better life, somewhere,far from their roots, crossing lands, seas, adversity. All of us, when we are born, we would be accepted, wellcom in this world. We live with this desire of protection, security, shelter, refuge, but at the same time we are drived by curiosity, by research, by a desire for exploration and discovery. A struggling into this two desires, two directions. This piece is created for Butoh Festival in Pontedera organized by Spazio Nu an amazing place of beautiful meetings.  

Butoh performance

Duration: 25 min

Music: From me to you (Sainko), Island of dust (Nick Parkin), Alluvium (Nick Parkin)

Sounds: Maruska Ronchi e Giordano Costi  

And has be presented:

  • June 2017  Festival En Chair et en Sons – Benevento (Italy) with acousmatic music by Dante Tanzi
  • April 2017  Soirée Butoh at studio D325 à Montréal (Quebec) organized by Pan’danza
  • March 2017 Festival Butoh  di Pontedera (Italy)  organized by Spazio Nu
  • September 2016 Festival Espressioni – Crema (Italy) organized by Perypezye Urbane and Associazione K
  • June 2016 Festival “La Voce del Corpo”  – Osnago (Italy)
  • April 2015 Festival Butoh di Pontedera (Italia) organized by Spazio NU  (work in progress)


01 kin no kizu ph Giorgia Moretti
03 Going Home ph. Paolo Ginelli
01 Going Home ph. Paolo Ginelli
02 Going Home ph. Paolo Ginelli
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