Life is a continuous flow of energy of which we are a part, and which amazes us and surprises us all the time if we let it go. Dance is the magic of life. Dance is our means to celebrate life in all its aspects and in all its forms, a means to transform our emotions, to understand and accept them, to understand and accept what happens to us and around us, a form of appreciation and gratitude. We will research  the original part of the dance. In ancient times dance was a prayer, a ritual, a riutal of devotion to nature, a celebration of life. Dance as an expression of the universe, where a fusion of body and spirit takes place. Dance as a magical ritual that allows us to get in touch with the subtle worlds. The butoh dance practice I propose is strongly inspired by Jinen Butoh of Atsushi Takenouchi my teacher to whom I owe a great deal, but also takes inspiration from other teachers that I met on my way. I try to pass it through my own experience. For me the Butoh is a dance of transformation, a deep work on personal identity until to dissolve it, it means feel part of a “whole”, to simply become a flow of energy, a substance in movement that is transformed by. A dance that comes from a strong inner need to search for origins, the deep, the truth. One part of the work is dedicate to a training intended to release extratension in our body and let the energy flow into the body finding an organic movement. One part is dedicated to dance improvisation following some elements to find your own inner movement deeply connected with yourself.

This workshop has been hosted in:

  • April 2017  by P’andanza at StudioD325 a Montréal (Canada)
  • July 2018 in the program of Festival Moving Bodies at Espace Theatre – Torino (Italy)

If you like to host this workshop at your place please contact info@maruskaronchi.com  or maruska.ronchi@gmail.com

Duration: the optimal duration of the workshop is 3 days (4 hours per day). It’s possible to agree different duration.