6-7 April – MOLECULAR DANCE in Cagliari (Sardinia-Italy)

All cells in our body consist of atoms bonded together. These bonds are in perpetual transformation, change, break, rejoin, in an eternal dance, made possible by space and energy. Human existence relies on connections and exchanges too. To understand these connections, we need space and silence, allowing us to sense life’s dance.

This workshop explores innovative ways to create personal movement, emphasizing the spaces and stillness between movements within our bodies. Guided explorations with concrete and abstract imagery help us discover new interactions with space and others. The silence between movements is the door opener of new possibilities.

Each individual is a beautiful and unique form of life, interconnected with everything. Let’s discover our unique qualities and movements and share them as gifts with others, strengthening the ties that unite us.

Info and registration  articolazionipoetiche@gmail.com