26-31 July 2024 – BETWEEN EARTH AND SKY – JINEN Butoh Workshop in the Nature in Italy

BETWEEN EARTH AND SKY – JINEN Butoh Workshop in Nature
with Maruska Ronchi
live music Giordano Costi
Intensive and immersive residential workshop open to all levels. It’s not necessary to have previous butoh experience, but it’s recommended to have good motivation, good attitude to movement, and good attitude to stay in a group.
We will practice 7 hours per day (33 hours in 6 days).
These six days are dedicated to ourselves, finding time and space, starting a process of knowledge of our deepest, wild, ancestral and authentic being.
An healing process, through body work, healthy food, dance in the nature (in the forest and to the river), ritual performances, that allow us to express ourselves through the body, in deep connection between us and with nature with mutual respect.
The workshop will take place in Piedinterra, a small beautiful family-run farm, located on the top of the hill surrounded by a beautiful and isolated landscape, with view on wild country side of Staffora Valley.
This is a perfect place to dive into the simplicity of nature and surely a good inspiration for our creative butoh process.
Dance is the magic of life.Life is a continuous flow of energy we are part of. Let it flow and it will strike us and it will surprise us every time.
Like all living beings and all things, we are connected to the earth and to the sky and in this way we are connected to everything. Feeling part of “the whole” and awakening, inside you, your own movement in a free and authentic way, seeking the truth of the instant, the enchantment, the magic, linking our breathing to nature’s breathing.
Through the exploration of the possibilities of the body and opening our-self to the feeling of our inner state, we will enter in a place where the emotions get birth, where transformations will happen, and where the movement will become dance. Immagination will be a strong ally of our explorations. Finding a dance that is continuous dialogue between inside and outside, between the body and the space around, between inner landscape and outside nature.Through the dance we speak our truth.
Butoh is a dance of transformation, a deep work on personal identity, to find your own deep authentic and original being, until to dissolve it, feeling part of a “whole”, to simply become a flow of energy, a substance in movement that is transformed by. A dance that comes from a strong inner need to search for the deepness, the truth, the inner and ancestral body, to connect with sacred.
Butoh practice I propose it’s mainly inspired from JINEN Butoh of Atsushi Takenouchi, my great and beloved master. To him I owe my encounter with butoh and the beginning of a great transformation in my dance and in my life. I had the chance to work with him for 13 years as assistant in Butoh School in Italy. I wish to convey, with all my passion, the wonder of this beautiful and powerful art form, in my personal understanding and with all my 20 years of experience in dance practice.
JINEN: “JINEN is ALL. Jinen Butoh is a life force that dance with all. All things are dancing with Jinen. Jinen Butoh is to join together with all the life that are already dancing, to dance with the flow of the universe that is Jinen” (From Jinen Butoh website)
26-31 July 2024
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