7-13 Settembre 
- Wild Sacred Body 
Dance &Mouvement Retreat in Minorca (Spain)


Dance Mouvement Retreat in Mallorca
It is time to enjoy and reconnect with your Wild Sacred Body.

Join Maruska Ronchi & Inalu Antoli on a journey into our wild nature through dance, movement, yoga and meditation, in places of great beauty and sharing time with beautiful souls to inspire and come home into our body.
Without our wildness we forget why we are here. To recover our instinctual nature we need to be in our body with trust, speak and act our truth, to be as conscious as we can, to be alert, to draw from intuition and sensing and to find what one belongs to.
Dance is a constant dialogue between inner and outer dimensions, between the body and the space that surrounds it. Sessions will be in the studio, in the beaches nearby and in other nature sites. We will swim in the sea, walk barefoot, pray to the sunrise, dance to the sunset, appreciate what touches our hearts and invite the expression of our living and dancing body.
In this retreat one aspect of the training focuses on releasing the unnecessary tensions in the body and allowing the energy to flow. We will use yoga, somatic practices and bodywork so we can find organic and effortless movement. Another aspect of the training is the guided improvisations in nature with different elements to explore our resonance and find our own unique movement.


Arrival 7th September from 3 pm, workshop starts at 5 pm
Departure 13th September 11 am

It includes:
-6 nights in shared accommodation
-6 hrs of daily practice for 5 days
-all meals, vegetarian and bio food
-minimum of 3 trips to nature sites
-transfer from and to Sineu on arrival & departure day. Sineu is the nearest village to our location


590€ – early bird for bookings before 1 June
630€ – bookings from 1 June

BOOKING: https://www.somaticsoul.org/menorca 

Info  inaluyoga@gmail.com  maruska.ronchi@gmail.com


Maruska Ronchi

dancer, choreographer and teacher

She came across butoh dance in 2009 with Atsushi Takenouchi who became and still is her master. She has practiced with many dancers and teachers and has a background in contemporary dance, she graduated at the International Center for Dance & Movement in Milano. Since 2015 she is assistant of Takenochi in the JINEN Butoh School in Tuscany. She teaches and performs across Europe. With a background in contemporary dance, she graduated at the International Center for Dance & Movement in Milano.

“For me Butoh is a dance of transformation. It is a profound work on personal identity to find your own deep, authentic and original being, until it is dissolved and we become a flow of energy, a substance in movement that is constantly being transformed

Inalu Antoli

Creative movement teacher, massage & yoga therapist.

She has a background in contemporary dance and has practiced a great variety of dance forms in the last 20 years (authentic movement, improvisation, sensitive dance, butoh). She has studied the healing arts of yoga and Japanese shiatsu massage. Her movement practice is based in awareness, deep listening to find meaning & connection.

“By extending our perception, grounding ourselves, experimenting the present and feeling the uniqueness of our bodies, we can gain freedom of movement and a state of profound aliveness and vitality.”


Mallorca is a precious island in the Mediterranean of incredible beauty with great diversity of landscapes and flora. We will be based in the village of Maria de la Salut, in the heart of the island and 20 min drive by car to the sea. Check the Gallery here … get an idea of what it could be like

BOOKING: Please provide a non-refundable deposit of 120€ & complete the registration form below.
Only 10 spaces available!!